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The Diploma in Health Inspector is a one-year vocational and professional course. The diploma in health inspector course lays emphasis on the maintenance of health and hygiene in the places where medical facilities are being offered. Since the job of a Health Inspector involves a lot of fieldwork, the course includes practical components such as basic healthcare practices, community healthcare practices, rural healthcare practices, communication skills, patient/community education, etc.

A Diploma In Health Sanitary Inspector course (or D.H.S.I for short) is a degree awarded at universities/colleges around the world for completion of diploma-level study in a vocational and professional related field.

D.H.S.I is a one-year duration diploma course offered by universities and colleges.

A Diploma In Health Sanitary Inspector course provides knowledge of maintenance of health and hygienics. The course offers theoretical as well as practical knowledge to students in their duration of  course.

You should have successfully completed a 12th standard in any discipline or its equivalent 10th standard + ITI (2 or more Years) + NCVT/ GCVT + GSHEB/ GOSE 12th English Exam or 10th + 3 Years Diploma(Polytechnic).

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