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Bachelor Of Arts in short B.A is the most pursued undergraduate art courses in India.BA is one of the oldest, traditional undergraduate level courses available in India. To this day, this course is very popular among Indian students. More than 9 million students every year pursue BA courses available in various specializations such as History, Hindi, English, Psychology, Journalism.  

A Bachelor of Arts degree (or B.A for short) is a degree awarded at universities around the world for completion of graduate-level study in a Arts, Culture, History, English so on related field.

B.A is a three-year duration under-graduate degree course offered by universities and colleges in various specialized Arts fields such as History, Hindi, English, Psychology, Journalism, Sanskrit and so on.

The course offers advanced theoretical as well as practical knowledge to students in their chosen specialization subject. 

You should have qualified 10+2 from any recognized and government approved educational board and school in any stream of arts, commerce

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